The Community

Our community is based in and around Kisumu, Western Kenya.

Evance Odhiambo 

Evance Odhiambo is the founder of this project. He originally began working independently making cards out of recycled paper and decided to expand his work in order to help others in his community. It is his goal that this community based organisation can expand their client base to ensure work and wages for his community. He is passionate about Kenyans working for themselves to find a way out of poverty. You can read more about how the project started up and the evolution of Zingira Nyanza here.

Evance works with and alongside approximately twenty other members of the organisation, training others in the practice of creating handicrafts from recycled products and nurturing their skills as artisans to grow and develop. The community has been gradually growing over the past five years as the project has developed. Currently there are approximately twenty members specialising in specific craft areas.

 The Team

  • Regan Senge :: Wire Crafts
  • Lucy A. Ramadhan :: Weaver
  • Wiclif Owino :: Wire Crafts
  • James Owino :: Wire Crafts
  • James Otieno :: Wire Crafts/Painting
  • George Otieno :: Weaver
  • Calleb Otieno :: Tin Crafts
  • Steve Omondi :: Painter
  • Nicholas Omondi :: Tin Crafts
  • Dancan Omondi :: Weaver
  • Apollo Omondi :: Paper Crafts
  • Richard Omollo :: Tin Crafts
  • Daniel Okaya :: Wire Crafts
  • Celestine Ogonda :: Paper Crafts/Beadwork
  • Patrick Oduor :: Wire Crafts
  • Lavin Atieno :: Weaver/Beadwork
  • Millcent P Adhiambo  :: Paper Crafts/Beadwork


In the UK
Annie Brown has been helping develop the project since 2006. She has worked for the project in Kisumu and is continuing this work in the United Kingdom. She has been marketing products and aiding in areas of development. She has a degree in International Development and Non Government Organisation Management.

She currently lives and works in North Yorkshire, England. Zingira Nyanza really needs people to help with all aspects of marketing. If you have any free time and would like to get involved or volunteer please contact her This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..